Regular monthly event throughout the year, run by volunteers driven by their love and passion for live jazz music.


Many younger music fans are often unaware of the wealth of talented young jazz players moving this exciting and diverse genre forward and see jazz as something belonging to an older generation. Nextgenjazz aims to champion and show-case some of the most talented and boundary pushing rising young stars in the UK jazz scene. 


The project also provides a platform for showcasing new or local acts as it can be very challenging for them to break through and connect with audiences, especially outside of London. 

Some of the featured artists will also lead a workshop at one of the schools, colleges or universities across the city, giving our young musicians an opportunity to gain experience in jazz and improvisation. In partnership with local educators, promoters and festivals in Cambridge, the project will develop links between the many different participants in the local scene to support and nurture young jazz musicians and to ensure the continuation of the music that we all love into the Next Generation.

The tickets will be held at a low price for students and young people.

 In association with both Cambridge Modern Jazz Club &  Cambridge Jazz Festival.